[Evolution] Decryption & Signing - Version 1.2.0

I've just upgraded to 1.2.0 and have come across some strange behaviour
with respect to encryption and signed messages.

1.  When I receive encrypted email sent from something other than
Evolution, I am no longer asked for my passphrase - rather, the message
opens with the message still encrypted, and the only way to decrypt it
is to copy paste into a file and run gpg manually.  

Oddly, when I send myself some encrypted email with Evolution, Evo
presents me with the passphrase box, and after successfully entering,
the message is decrypted.

2.  With the previous version of Evolution, signed messages all arrived,
with the digital signature as an attachment, even when digitally signed
in-line.  Or at least, that's what the behaviour seemed to be.  However,
I am now finding an inconsistent display of digitally signed messages,
some are in-line, some are attachments displaying the lock icon.

3.  Not totally related to the above, and I understand there are
numerous messages in the archives about this, but it concerns me that
using Evolution to encrypt email and sign it is incompatible with a huge
number of other email applications because of the differences in
PGP/MIME and S/MIME.  Is there a search function for the archives?  I'm
trying very hard to understand the point of view of the Evo developers -
but with so many incompatibilities, I'm not fully satisfied I understand
the reasoning why Evo does not seem to work as far as decryption/signing
with so many other email applications.  It's a real pain in the butt for
users of Kmail, Outlook, and almost any other MUA to receive encrypted
or signed email from me when using Evolution.  I love Evolution.. except
this one issue is a real pain!


Ian Scott <ian pairowoodies com>

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