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 Sorry for the late reply, been off to OOPSLA last week...

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Markus Irle said:

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 15:57, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 13:01, Markus Irle wrote:


What I don't understand is the following:
While freedom of choice being advocated up and down the road in the
Linux community, I am forced to use Ximian's propriatry tool to
simply download some software. Why not put it up on a web site or an
ftp server.

which proprietary application? AFAIK, Red Carpet is free.

Yes, the word is wrong, but the problem still remains...

You can be proprietary and still be free (in cost). Did you mean

No, not really. RC is open-source, isn't it?
But that nit-picking is again completely missing my point.

Why am I forced into RC to _download_ a package?
Why doesn't Ximian put it up on their site just like they do with Evo and RC?

This is not about RC as piece of software. It's about RC being the only means of obtaining connector thus 
forcing people who want to use connector to use RC as well and simultaneously excluding lots of people for 
whom RC simply does not work.

Evo+Conn was running fine on the Sid-boxes I set it up on. Now with the 1.2 update I'm back in hell again. As 
a bonus RC stopped to work on the Suse 8.0 boxes I used to download the previous connector version...
I'm currently running Outlook within VMWare... *sigh*

Can't find my sig...

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