Re: [Evolution] Newbie: Evolution doesn't use proxy-config?

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 10:37, Hans-Göran Puke wrote:
I recently downloaded and istalled evolution for Mandrake 9 (using red 
On the "Summary" screen (I don't know if it is called that in English, 
since I get the user interface in Swedish, but you probably know what I 
mean, right?) evolution fails to download weather and news channels. I 
suppose it has to do with the fact that our company use a proxy-server 
to get to the internet. I used some info that I found on the Ximian 
web-site, telling me to use gconftool to configure the proxy (I am 
normally using KDE). However, it doesn't seem to do the trick. I also 
logged on to Gnome and used the gnome control panel to configure the 
proxy. It seems to work with the web-browser, but still not with 
evolution. Further more, when clicking on a URL in an e-mail nothing 

I would appreciate any help you could give that would enable me to solve 
this problem.

//Hans-Göran Puke, Linköping, Sweden

I followed the instructions from the web site and got it to work under
Mandrake 9.0.  I'll concede that the current instructions are
exceptionally error-prone.  You may want to try running "gconftool -a
/system/gnome-vfs" to double-check what you entered.  We're working on
getting a GUI front-end for this out the door in the near future that
will make the error-prone manual entry unnecessary.

Mark Gordon <mtgordon ximian com>

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