[Evolution] xml configuration files


I would like to change the keybindings for moving to the next and
previous unread message...

I read Eric Lambart's message (subject Re: [Evolution] Two things that I
would like to change) on how to edit the file
'evolution-mail-message.xml' in '/usr/share/gnome/ui/'.

However here's the relevant part of
/usr/share/gnome/ui/evolution-mail-message.xml on my systsem (RH7.3 Evo
    <cmd name="MailNextUnread"
     _tip="Display the next unread message"
Shouldn't that last line line be 'accel="."/>'?

Nowhere in that file can I find 'accel="."/>' or 'accel=","/>'

So will the suggestion of Eric still work in Evo 1.2 (he was using Evo
1.1.2 beta 2 at the time)? Or do I have to edit another section of this
file as well and/or a different file?

The file also contains a section called '<keybindings>' with entries
    <accel name="*Shift*comma"        verb="MailPreviousUnread"/>
the names 'comma', 'period', 'less', 'greater' and 'bracketleft' I can
figure out but what are the keys 'braceleft' and 'braceright'?

Is there some document about the specifications of these files? (e.g. an
xml-schema would be very useful)
e.g. can one '<cmd...>' entry contain more than one 'accel' attribute?
or can one 'accel' attribute contain more than one value (separated

Also: what happens when you assign one key to multiple actions? will Evo
perform both actions, none or will it segfault?

TIA for any help on this!

 #  Mertens Bram "M8ram" <bram-mertens linux be>   Linux User #249103  #
 #  Red Hat Linux 7.3  KDE 3.0.0-10  kernel 2.4.18-3  i686  128MB RAM  #

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