Re: [Evolution] xml configuration files

On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 07:37, Mertens Bram wrote:

I would like to change the keybindings for moving to the next and
previous unread message...

I read Eric Lambart's message (subject Re: [Evolution] Two things that I
would like to change) on how to edit the file
'evolution-mail-message.xml' in '/usr/share/gnome/ui/'.

However here's the relevant part of
/usr/share/gnome/ui/evolution-mail-message.xml on my systsem (RH7.3 Evo
    <cmd name="MailNextUnread"
     _tip="Display the next unread message"
Shouldn't that last line line be 'accel="."/>'?

Nowhere in that file can I find 'accel="."/>' or 'accel=","/>'

So will the suggestion of Eric still work in Evo 1.2 (he was using Evo
1.1.2 beta 2 at the time)? Or do I have to edit another section of this
file as well and/or a different file?

I am still running (a snapshot), so I haven't seen the latest
files, but bracket right is probably either "}" or "]"--you could try
that and confirm that it performs the specified action.  I think "}"
would be "braceright", actually.

I'm sure you can still follow my instructions with no problem (I hope!),
but to be safe why not back up your evolution directory ('cp -a
evolution evolution.141204' or somesuch) and the .xml file before making
the change?

The file also contains a section called '<keybindings>' with entries
    <accel name="*Shift*comma"        verb="MailPreviousUnread"/>
the names 'comma', 'period', 'less', 'greater' and 'bracketleft' I can
figure out but what are the keys 'braceleft' and 'braceright'?

Yes, that's where the "." and "," have gone (if it actually ever said
just "." or ",", I forget).  They've become "period" and "comma".  All
those are duplicate "accel" entries.  As you can see from the "verb"
field, they are defined as accelerator keys for "MailPreviousUnread" and

Is there some document about the specifications of these files? (e.g. an
xml-schema would be very useful)

I doubt it.  Just be glad it's plaintext XML and not too cryptic.

e.g. can one '<cmd...>' entry contain more than one 'accel' attribute?

I doubt it, but that's surely the whole point of the <keybindings>
section.  If you want a second shortcut for some command, just mimic the
<accel> tags, changing the verb field to reflect the <cmd name> you want
to accelerate.  I believe the purpose of having all those alternate
keybindings is to accomodate international keyboards that make certain
keystrokes inconvenient.

But for what it's worth, the "accel" defined in the <cmd> tag is the one
that shows up as a accelerator shortcut within the menu system (i.e. [US
locale] Actions->Go To->Next Unread Message).

or can one 'accel' attribute contain more than one value (separated

I don't think so.  Try it.  The _worst_ that should happen is that
nothing will work and you'll have to killev and restart.  Well, the
truly worst is that you'd have to restore your backup, but I doubt you
can screw things up that bad editing the XML.

Also: what happens when you assign one key to multiple actions? will Evo
perform both actions, none or will it segfault?

I think Evo will be very unhappy.  I can't imagine why you'd want to,
but if you really must satisfy your curiosity... hey, be bold!  Backup
your stuff and just try it! =)  That's how I figured this stuff out.


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