Re: [Evolution] IMAP select failed

This means your server thinks that that folder is not a selectable
mailbox (that error message is taken right from the server response

You might try subscribing to it? Seems to solve the problem for some
IMAP servers.


On Mon, 2002-11-11 at 23:09, Scott Otterson wrote:
On my Redhat 8.0 system, I had a working version of evo 1.08 connected
to my IMAP account.  But after upgrading to 1.20, I can't read mail from
any of my folders.  

After starting evo, there's nothing in the mail header window and I get
the error message popup:

  "Error while 'Opending folder
  imap://scotto scotto deskmail washington edu/INBOX': IMPA command
  failed: SELECT failed: Can't open mail: not a selectable mailbox"

I get similar error popups for all my other IMAP folders.  Any

Thanks, Scott

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