Re: [Evolution] JPEGs from a Mac OS X

On Fri, 2002-11-08 at 12:19, Gregory Alan Kedrovsky wrote:
My Evolution 1.0.8 won't receive a binary file (jpeg picture) sent from
a Mac OS X (using UUEncoding?). 

You did a uudecode right?
Ah the good old times when mail was run via uucp.
Read something about the history of the Internet, there you will find
uuencode and uudecode.
Hope this helps,
My Dad just made the switch from a WinTel machine to a blowtorch of a
Mac (it's really sweet). He's still climbing the learning curve, so
we've hit a hitch we can't get over. He attaches a jpeg picture (he's a
huge railfan, likes trains) to an e-mail and sends it to me. 

It comes in and I can't do ANYthing with it. I see the attachment. I
cannot view it in The GIMP, Electric Eyes... nothing. I save it to disk,
and it saves, but when I try to pull it up, I get "Unknown." But, it's a
standard JPEG.

Seems to me it's a coding config problem. Does anyone know what might be
the problem? He says he can send the same pic to his WinTel machine (via
Juno, another dial-up he has) and it comes through fine in WinDoze. 


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