Re: [Evolution] List of handheld devices Evo can sync with

Anything that supports the PalmSync protocol I would presume (aka,
anything that runs PalmOS).


On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 05:46, Mertens Bram wrote:

Is there a list of handheld devices Evo can sync with?  I am considering
purchasing a handheld device but I have absolutely no idea where how I
should compare devices.

One thing I do know is that I want to be able to sync the device with
Evo (currrently 1.0.8) on my Linux box (currently RH7.3)

The Knowledge Base at only says Evo can sync with PalmOS
devices but it doesn't specify this further...

Does this mean Evo can sync with any handheld device as long as it runs
the PalmOS?  Or are there still some new devices (e.g. running the very
latest release of the PalmOS) and/or some very old devices that will
cause problems?

Are there any other specifications I should be aware of?

e.g. if I would want to change my distro at some point in the future,
will the device sync with evo (if the distro supports Evo off course)?

Can somebody recoomend any line/type/brand of handheld?  I am looking
for a handheld that has calendering/contact/to-do/"memo"...


Jeffrey Stedfast
Evolution Hacker - Ximian, Inc.
fejj ximian com  -

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