[Evolution] Calendar List View

My probes of Google have revealed nothing on this question, so I'm
resorting to the list.

I was wondering if evolution has a "list view" of recurring
appointments, a la outlook.  Rather than displaying the events in a
day, week or month calendar, the events appear rather like an "ls -l"
type file listing (except prettier).  I think that events can be
clicked on and edited.  (I haven't got windows box nearby to check
this.)  I've searched through the evolution menus, but not found
anything like a list view of appointments.

If evolution doesn't currently do this, are the plans to make it do


P.S. I know linux isn't windows, and that evolution isn't outlook, but
the fact that evolution is so similar to outlook is making it much
easier to wean my wife from M$ products.  

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