Re: [Evolution] Synchronizing calendars and tasks between two installations of Evolution

On Mon, 2002-11-04 at 22:32, HvR wrote:
killev # stop evolution
ssh remote killev # to kill evolution on remote system
rsync -varu $HOME/evolution/ remote::home/evolution/
rsync -varu remote::home/evolution/ $HOME/evolution/

I was more hoping for something which actually synchronize things
instead of just wipe out existing files, the same way it can synchronize
with a Palm Pilot.  I realize that the real answer is "use a server",
but unfortunately, the only real server option right now seems to be
Exchange, which we don't have (yet).  Peer-to-peer would be very
helpful.  It's funny that I can synchronize Evolution to a Pilot, but
not Evolution to another Evolution.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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