Re: [Evolution] [1.1] Are the Snapshots supposed to work?


Am Mit, 2002-05-29 um 23.07 schrieb Ettore Perazzoli:
It is supposed to work (and it works for me, right now).

Please have a closer look and get back to us with a bug report...

It doesn't work here (today's snapshot).
As I said, the button stays pressed and Evo does not react anymore, when
I click the "New"-Button.

I started evolution-mail in a terminal and here is what it spits out:
-- snip --
[master master master]$ evolution-mail
Evolution Mail ready and running.

Bonobo-WARNING **: Serious exception on node_set '$Ungültiger Pfad zu
einem Element der XML-Benutzerschnittstelle' of '0' to

Bonobo-WARNING **: Serious exception removing path 
'/menu/SearchPlaceholder/Search' 'Ungültiger Pfad zu einem Element der
set_prop path: /commands/Messages

<< here I click the button >>

Gtk-WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL) pointer to `EEntry'

e-text-CRITICAL **: file e-entry.c: line 392 (e_entry_set_text):
assertion `entry != NULL && E_IS_ENTRY (entry)' failed.
-- /snip --

evolution doesn't print anything on the console.

Is there anything else I can do for debugging this problem?
There are backtraces because nothing crashes...


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