Re: [Evolution] Request for additions/corrections in Evolution

When forwarding chain mail, you should just Forward As Attachment, then there's no need to ever have to strip >'s from the message body.


On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 12:33, Bruce A. Mallett wrote:
My reason is because I'm lazy ...

I don't know how many email clients allow an external editor, but it was
one of the things I really appreciated in PMmail.  Consider how many of
us forward humor that we receive to our friends (obviously a lot). 
Being on both the receiving and forwarding side of the equation I can
see that not many take the time to do something as conceptually simple
as re-formatting these messages to get rid of all of the excess baggage
(forwards, quoting, etc.).  And why should they?  It is time consuming
to do so.  Here is where an external editor can make this process
simpler which is, after all, something computers are supposed to do for
us.  Simpler from a couple of perspectives:  first by giving the user
something they are already familiar with and second by providing access
to a tool already providing capabilities not native to the email client.

So for the lazy (me),  the column delete operation of SlickEdit was just
the trick for getting rid of many layers of quoting, making this task
trivial and therefore worth doing.  It being difficult, I am now less
likely to do it.

  - Bruce

On Sun, 2002-05-26 at 21:05, Not Zed wrote:
    On Mon, 2002-05-27 at 23:24, Raider wrote:
    > My fist complaint (or did I miss something?) is that I want to use
    > another editor than the default.  How can this be done?
    It can't.
    You dont seem to have any real reasons why the editor is unusable
    though.  Personally i'd like to use emacs, or even vi, but i can't
    *shrug*, its still adequate.

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