[Evolution] devel mirrors?

Are any of the mirrors working for the evo devel channel?  Do I have to
register for something to get it?  I set to Ximian Inc in Red Carpet,
but when it tries to download the evolution snapshot, I'm getting: 
"Error: Can't connect - 500 Internal Error"

I was using the Telia and Duke mirrors before, but they have been
"broken" lately with respect to the evolution snapshot channel, so I
switched to Ximian.  I thought maybe the problems had something to do
with the mad rush to download Red Hat 7.3.  I used to get 400+ up to
1000 K/sec to Telia from where I am in MD, unbelievably fast.

"Jonathan F. Dill" (dill umbi umd edu)
UMBI CARB IT Coordinator
Experimental Support Site http://concept.umbi.umd.edu

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