[Evolution] - Japanese Language Support

Sorry if this seems stupid, but after trying setting LANG, LC_ALL &
LINGUAS to either "ja_JP.ujis" or "ja_JP.eucJP" i still wasn't able to
read mails in japanese =(

but both methods allowed me to get the japanese windows, dialogs and
such =)

So could someone point to me which setting should i change to just read
japanese emails?



On Wed, 1 May 2002 12:16:26 -0500,
"SL" == "Stuart Luppescu" <s-luppescu uchicago edu> wrote:

SL> I sent skye a message about this off-list. Perhaps I should have
SL> to all.

SL> I use Evolution to read and write Japanese email all the time. It
SL> very well. Here's all I do to get it working:

SL> LANG=ja_JP.ujis
SL> LC_ALL=ja_JP.ujis
SL> LINGUAS="ja_JP.ujis"

If you use glibc 2.2, correct locale is ja_JP.eucJP :)

export LANG

Evolution should works with the above variable.


This isn't related Evolution. this is less (pager) stuff.

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