Re: [Evolution] filter actions: delete vs status deleted

they are both the same :-)

When you delete a message, it goes no-where - it stays exactly where it
is. You probably have "Hide Deleted Messages" turned on?

Also, you can view all deleted messages in a Virtual Folder called


On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 18:57, Oliver Kurlvink wrote:
hi :)

Just a small question:

What's the difference between the filter actions "set status deleted"
and "delete"?

What I want to do: Create a filter which marks the mail as read, then
marks is as deleted ans then stops processing. This would be the
behaviour clicking on a mail and deleting the mail, so that the mail is
in the trash folder and will be shown when I do not hide the deleted

But when I user set status deleted the mail disappears. Okay, it's
deleted, but where's the mail gone?

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