Re: [Galeon-devel] Re: [Evolution] Getting evolution to open galeon in gnome 2 - solution

On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 04:12, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
This has nothing to do with what web-browser evolution starts when you
click on a link, if that is what you ate trying to do.

Evolution uses a gnome function to launch a web browser to view a URL so
you need to configure this option in the GNOME Control Center.

As I using gnome2 there is no URL section in control-center, however
there is an easy solution (applies to any uri for gnome 1 apps)
edit ~.gnome/Gnome and add handler eg:
mailto-show=/usr/bin/evolution "%s"

works fine

On Sun, 2002-03-24 at 13:03, mike wrote:
am having problems with this so far I have
copied GNOME_Galeon_Automation.oaf to /usr/share/oaf
set preferred web app to /usr/bin/galeon "%s"
restarted oaf

Evolution just ignores it

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