Re: [Evolution] A few more Evolution quibbles

On Fri, 2002-03-15 at 08:45, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
If you have filters/vfolders that you created *before* changing over to
using CRAM-MD5 authentication, then the filters/vfolders are still
referencing the old account info and that is why you are being prompted
for your old account password (you may not realise that is what is
happening, but iut is). Since your old account no longer exists, you do
not get the option to save the password.

Update your filters/vfolders to use your new account information and all
will be solved. (For all your copy/move filters, just open the file
selector dialog and re-select the folder you want to move/copy to and it
should work).

Gosh, this really seems like something that you should handle
automatically when users change authentication methods.
It sounds like the way in which that auth stuff interacts with 
account files is arcane knowledge and the fix for this problem,
as it stands, is not obvious and is tedious for users,


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