Re: [Evolution] Spell check Problem

On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 05:37:15PM +0100, Stephan Olbrich wrote:
I've set the language for spell checking to de_DE in gnomecc and the
checking seems to work all right. But when I do a right click on a
underlined word and choose Spell checker --> Check 'xxxx' spelling
(that's in english although everything else is in German!) it only
proposes english words. (The dialog is in English too)
Any ideas what's wrong?

And is it possible to use more than one language at the same time?

Another, almost related issue.

There appears to be quite a few problems with the spell checking in
evolution, at least if you live in a multi-language environment.  I
write emails every day in danish, english and italian, and having to go
to the control center to switch language for almost every message is a
pain.  It really should be selectable for the individual message being
composed.  It should be possible to write three different emails at the
same time in three different languages without having to spend more time
in the control center than in evo.

Due to these problems I disable spell checking.  As of now the
functionality is not worth the hassle.  Otherwise two out of three
emails are completely underlined in red all the time :-(

René Seindal (rene seindal dk)    

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