Re: GTK keyboard shortcuts. WAS Re: [Evolution] Back/Forward toolbar navigational buttons


What is to stop me from re-assigning the Ctrl-P keystroke (came with
print) to the "delete" command?  Granted, it might be found quickly if
someone was used to hitting ctrl-d to delete their emails, but I might
as well put ctrl-d on someone's exit.  I note that this might not work
on evolution due to designers' diligence (not implementing this
feature), but with galeon, it seems quite possible.

Nothing stops you from doing what you described. What you are talking
about is a problem of physical access to your machine. If someone can go
to your machine and do a nasty key rebinding on evolution (or any other
gtk application, he can surely pop up a terminal window and issue a rm
-Rf ~/ (much easier if you want to do harm). To prevent that just use
xscreensaver or logout of your workstation if you need go go away. 

I find this feature of GTK a very nice one because i can rebind the
commands I use more often to a shortcut choosen by me. I do not like the
Alt-e+e to mark all messages read, or the Alt-v+r to hide all read
messages. I would like to change that.

How do I return the keyboard assignment to the default setting?  I
could wipe out all of someone's keyboard assignments in thirty
seconds, and they couldn't get them back, as far as I know.

Global preferences option (button): Reassign default keyboard shortcuts.
As simple as that.

Take care 


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