Re: [Evolution] username only

On 31 Jul 2002, Christopher Ness wrote:
When I try to send a message to a user on my local mail server using Evo
I only type in the username and leave out the extension
because I'm lazy.  This will work just fine, but...

Evo squawks at me saying that isn't a valid email address.  Is there a
switch that I can kill that or is it by design (if so shouldn't there be
a "send anyway" option)?
That's because it's NOT a valid Email address.  Evo shouldn't care if 
you're trying to send to a local address - it's an SMTP-compliant mailer, 
and should expect SMTP-compliant addresses.
What Evo _could_ do, though, is autocomplete addresses entered as local 
address with the local domain name....

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