[Evolution] Problem with Evo 1.0.7 with Imap with SSL

Hi guys,

I am trying to get IMAP with SSL to work.    Regular IMAP works just
fine.  In addition, using Outlook Express with Secure IMAP works fine
as well to my IMAP mail server.

I'm using Debian SID with Evo package 1.0.7.  What happens when I
enable IMAP over SSL is that I do get the initial connection and I can
browse through a couple of my messages.  However, after about 4-5
messages of browsing, I am unable to browse or open any further
messages.  There is NO traffic from my computer to the IMAP server at
this point.  It seems that my Evo has stalled....  I have to oaf-slay
to kill the program and then I can reconnect, but I will have same
problem again.  Is this a bug?

As I said before standard IMAP works just fine.  And other mail
programs can do secure IMAP just fine too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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