Re: [Evolution] VOrdner bug?

Am Die, 2002-07-30 um 16.53 schrieb Not Zed:
On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 15:14, Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
Am Die, 2002-07-30 um 13.16 schrieb Not Zed: 

My guess is that it is being added to the trash and becoming a candidate
for unmatched.  It shouldn't really be doing this though, so its a bug.
Well, this time I could only reproduce it by clicking on Trash, not the outbin.

Basically I have the impression that VFolder is magically trying find out
which folders are to be searched for data sources. And it seems to get it wrong
often. :(

Not really.  When the vtrash is created, it is marked as a 'private'
folder, which should not become part of the unmatched code.
Well, this seems reproducable now:
VFolder -> Unmatched
click on Trash
click on VFolder -> Unmatched.

That just gave me a number (probably all, but I cannot verify) of
messages that I have sent in my Unmatched VFolder. The funny thing is,
that these are not the messages that are in the Trashfolder, ...

Only way to remove these messages is to restart evolution. 

All other vfolders it doesn't do 'magic' like that either.

It seems to produce some hard to reproduce bugs :(


No comment ;(


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