Re: [Evolution] Determining the account used for sending mail

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 18:57, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
If you go back to probably even last week or the week before in the
archives for this list, you'll find numerous messages complaining about
1.0.x "find my account from this message" behavior. In fact, every week
there are lots of complaints. All of them wanted it the way it is now.

I knew I had seen some discussion on it - I couldn't find it when I
needed it of course (must have been in some other threads with
non-obvious subject lines).

You're actually the first person that wants it the old way :-)

When it comes down to it there are 2 ways of handling multiple
        * Each identity has a separate mailbox - which fits the 1.1.x
          method nicely
        * All identities are delivered together.

In my case I have a hybrid method - since identities are delivered into
different folders on the same IMAP server, and unlike local folder
delivery, the entire IMAP server with all its folders is a single

I think as more people move to 1.1/1.2 you are going to find more people
that dislike the new behaviour.... but you can't please all the people
all the time.  

What is a problem is that for my configuration I either have to split
stuff into multiple IMAP sources - which is frankly impractical, or find
some other means of  co-ercing the identity associated with a message.

Possibilities that would work for me would be:-
        * Identity associated based on a special header in the message
          (I can mod my delivery stuff to add headers easily enough). 
          This might be a bit too specialised for general use
        * A filter being able to tie a message to an identity
        * A folder being able to be assigned to an identity

I like the filter idea best since its most flexible (oddly enough thats
how Eudora can handle identities too), although I don't know if it would
be difficult to explain to new users.  Then again this isn't really a
naive users feature.

I've actually dropped back to 1.0.x for now since that was causing me
significant pain :-}


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