[Evolution] edit address cards view in contacts


Is it possible to edit the address cards view in the contacts folder, or
to create a new 'view' and edit that 'from the ground up'?

Both the "Phone List" and "By Company" views can be edited - adding
removing columns and advanced sorting are possible.

I would like to edit the list of fields (and their order) that are
displayed in the "address cards" view.

Also I would like to be able to edit the format in which the address
cards are printed.
Before I 'upgraded' to evolution I used Outlook 2000 to manage my
contacts, I was able to do 'all of the above' so I could print my
address cards on the 2 sides of an A4, now I would need 11 pages...

The things I would like to edit (in the 'print view'):
* delete the "alphabet column"
* delete the "headers" (the large letters)
* edit the font (and size) of the fields
* edit the page format (I think the list is in 'letter' format,
althought the page looks like an A4 (which is what I want) because there
is a lot of whitespace under and above the list)
* edit the margins of the page
* (possibly) edit the number of columns displayed on one page

I know a bit of xml, so if this requires editing xml files, please let
me know which are important and where to find some extra info about what
can and what can't be done.


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