Re: [Evolution] Evolution generating invalid message-ids


Jörg Roßdeutscher: has to be unique. 
And other programs do it that way.

Jeffrey Stedfast:
Please read further and note that unique means only unique to that
particular machine that generates it.

I think you read wrong by mistake.
It doesn't say 
"unique means only unique to that particular machine that generates it".
It says:
"The uniqueness of the message identifier is guaranteed *by* the host
that generates it (see below)."

"By", not "to". ("*" put in by me)

And it says "see below", and there it says:

"The message identifier (msg-id) itself MUST be a globally unique
 identifier for a message.  The generator of the message identifier
 MUST guarantee that the msg-id is unique.  There are several
 algorithms that can be used to accomplish this."

I think it's expressed very clear. 
You don't have to generate an id. (See previous mails)
But if you do so, it must be globally unique.

must not generate one and leave this job for the servers.

many servers will not accept messages from the client unless there is a
message-id, in fact this was a bug reported a long while back.

I never heard that before, and it would be a wrong behavior. See RFC we
are talking about.
But it's not a big thing. All we need is a little button: 
[ ] Generate MsgID

besides, the CVS versions of Evolution resolve the local hostname to use
the FQDN, so your make-believe problem should be gone.

That means I had to use a probably buggy/instable developer version for
being RFC-compliant? And I still had to deal with ohter people's
messages, that do not use a devel-Version.
By the way: It would be the wrong result again.It would put in the
not-unique local domainname. 

Inserting the local FQDN makes the MsgID not globally unique. Half the
world seems to use "@localhost" or "@local". If you really want to
generate the MsgID yourself, things get even more difficult, because
FQDN cannot be found out automatically but requires another option for
the "real" FQDN configured manually.
I.e. in my network: hostname --fqdn is "ratti.gesindel.local", but valid
MsgID must contain "" (if my server generates it) or
"" (if my provider's server does it)


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