Re: [Evolution] Evolution generating invalid message-ids


Jörg Roßdeutscher:
Evolution is generating incorrect Message-IDs. Not only for me, but for
many people on a german Suse-Linux-mailinglist. So maybe it's a

Jeffrey Stedfast:
keep in mind that message-ids are not guarenteed to be unique no matter
what you do. rfc2822 even comments on this.

rfc2822 says clearly:

   Though optional, every message SHOULD have a "Message-ID:" field.

Should. You don't HAVE TO generate an id. 
But if you decide to do so:

   The "Message-ID:" field contains a single 
   unique message identifier. has to be unique. 
And other programs do it that way.

It may be a game for math's interested people to state that id's can
never be unique under every circumstances, ok. But to be more practical:
Please just google for "camel localhost". Some thousand adresses, and
these are only the mails that found a way into the web.

The list I mentioned above is full of professionals, and they all say
the same (Never had that before :-) ):

Evolution has to generate a valid and unique ID
- or -
must not generate one and leave this job for the servers.

I'd like to continue using this program. I really like it. But I get
bashed on my mailinglists. It seems many people are checking this, I get
a mail every month: "Correct your MsgID!". Hm, maybe typical german. :-)

Bye and thanks,

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