[Evolution] Evolution generating invalid message-ids


Evolution is generating incorrect Message-IDs. Not only for me, but for
many people on a german Suse-Linux-mailinglist. So maybe it's a
suse-related problem (We all use suse) or it's related to
internationalization (We all are german)

I found an older message in this list, which describes the problem:

I have received email with invalid message-id's from a number of
Evolution users recently; sample msgid:

    1023735423 7339 8 camel dirk

The answer was:

Not Zed notzed ximian com:
This is a local misconfiguration issue.

No, it isn't.

"hostname --fqdn" says "ratti.gesindel.local".

Note this is a local domain, later rewritten on my server.

Oh, and the hostname in the message above says "dirk", which is a widely
used name here in germany. Well, not only here, but it _might_ mean it's
a problem of german versions.

The trouble is not only, that evolution is generating an incorrect id.  

It should not generate _any_ MessageID.

It should send message without an ID, so sendmail on the server can
generate one with the _real_ domainnamename. Evolution has no chance to
find out that my domain's name is "gesindel.de". It's the server's job.
If one has no server at home, it's the provider's job to generate an id.
A MUA hasn't control about generation really unique IDs.

Anyone can help me?
If you need more informations: just tell me.

Bye, Jörg

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