Re: [Evolution] contacts-database format

On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 20:53, Not Zed wrote:
On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 01:03, Peter Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 00:41, c.c. wrote:

i want to use it with openoffice as it's addressbook. i tried but it
does not work.


The easiest way to do this would be to import the OO addressbook into
evolution. The addressbooks wouldn't be synchronized, but that would be
very difficult to do correctly. You might try writing an Evolution
importer and importing your addressbook -- I don't know how feasible
this is. It depends on the format that OO uses to store its addressbook.
You might try filing a bug report and supplying a sample OO addressbook
for us to work from, but unfortunately I doubt this would be a high
priority at the moment.

Sounds like he wants to do it the other way around.

I think most people would. I know I keep my complete address book in
Evolution and only add the entries that I need to in the OO one. With
Palm support in Evo and the fact that you need an entry for most people
nowadays in your mailer I would think that's the more common scenario. 

I know I would much rather enter all my contacts in Evo and export them
to OO when I needed them instead of the other way around.


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