[Evolution] pgp and evolution 1.0.2

Hello everybody.

Once again I have got a question and I hope somebody from can help me

Here we go:
I am using evolution 1.0.2 an now I decided to use this pgp-thing. I
installed the version 6.5.8 of pgp.

I made a key with pgp -kg and gave my eolution the path to the pgp

So now I wanted to send a mail with pgp. It asked me for the passphrase
and I gave it to it. 

After pressing the submit-button a get an error:

----- in -----
Signature error

For a usage summary, type: pgp -h
For more detailed help, consult the PRP User's Guide.
----- out ------

so it is the same thing like typing just 'pgp' into the console.

So I have no Idea what to do now, some one who can help me?



p.s. excuse my bad english please =)

Marcel Spitau 

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