Re: [Evolution] Next and Previous

As I see it - 
There are 4 elements you'd want to traverse in and over:

1.) shortcut bar
2.) shortcut list
3.) folder bar
4.) message list
5.) preview pane

They are hierarchically ordered so that when you're in 1.) you will
want to "go down" to 2.) and so on and vice versa. It makes sense to
use "up" and "down" in an alternate fashion (i.e. "Alt+Up", Alt+Down")
(and even Alt+Home  and Alt+End )for traversing the structure.

Maybe you also will want to go straight to one of the elements without having
to bounce around.  Give each a keyboard shortcut  (eg. Alt+F1 - F4) to
"focus" each element respectively. 

Within each element (widget??) let movement keys  have as usable
semantics as possible. Why not use the keypad : 
shortcut bar   : up, down, home, end and enter (enters object)   

shortcut list  : up, down, home, end and enter (enters object = expands 
folder in folder bar)   

folder bar     : up, down, home, end ,+ , - (for expand and contract)  and enter
(for entering a folder). Then you can traverse folder structure without entering 
each folder (feature)

message list   : up, down, home, end, PgUp, PgDn, +, - (for expanding and contracting in threaded view)  
and enter  (for opening a message)

preview pane   :up, down

In the preview pane you will also want to traverse the messagelist
(Next, Previous, Next and Previous unread) without going out of
preview-pane-mode. I suggest (Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down, Ctrl+Alt+Up and
Ctrl+Alt+Down) for these functions

While at it a want to pose a question: in Gimp you can override
default shortcuts as you go along. Is this possible to bring over to
Evolution? That would be a high level of usability


On ons, 2002-07-17 at 12:53, Not Zed wrote:

What is annoying, though, is that when I select a different folder (or
click on the contact or calendar icons in the folder list) that the
focus changes to the folder list instead of going automatically to the
message list.

Agreed, but how else are you going to enable keyboard navigation of the
folder tree?

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