Re: [Evolution] Mail Summary

I think this is related to what he saw.

Starting from yesterday's CVS retrieval, the new message count for the
folder list (in the shortcuts) only start showing a value after having
visited the folder once.  After that time, they maintain the count

Such as my inbox has 12 new messages, 3 of which are part of vfolder a. 
The shortcut for vfolder a will not show (3) until after I visit that
folder.  After that time, I can do whatever, and the count will be kept
up-to-date with new messages arriving or being deleted.

Lonnie Borntreger

On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 00:28, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
There was a bug where if the summary crashed, the shell would stop
listening to events from the components and so folders in the
folder-tree wouldn't update. Anyways, I'm pretty sure this was fixed.

I have no idea about the shortcut bar, I never use it.


On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 01:17, proXy wrote:
On Fri, 2002-07-19 at 12:58, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

*shrug* works for me.

Since I don't think I can explain it. Here is a screenshot (139kB)

You will notice that the taskbar and folderbar both have the (1) but the
shortcut bar does not. However, the shortcut bar does have the (1) for
the email in my mailing list directory.

With some fiddling you can make 'Mailing Lists' appear in Summary:Mail
Summary but you can't make Inbox appear.


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