Re: [Evolution] Next and Previous

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 05:38, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

how about using the ',' and '.' keys? that's what I use and it is
absolutely no more typing than with n or p
and since they are next to each other on the keyboard, with < and > it
makes it easier to visually "see" which way they are supposed to go. A
nice visual cue if you will.

I'll agree that I liked n and p also, but give it a rest.

I don't mind n and p or . and ,
As long as there is something for browsing the next unread message, and that
something is well documented.

In a non-related thread, was the feature to make 'reply to list' use the
correct account ever implemented?
I notice there is an X-Evolution-Source so surely it couldn't be too hard to
make it reply using the correct account?


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