Re: [Evolution] Settings won't save in v1.1.0.99-20020711?

On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 07:36, Jim Meyer wrote:

After a month on I've finally updated to my first 1.1.0 Evo. I
noticed that it lost track of some settings such as my signatures for
various accounts and my shortcut keybinding prefs. I've reset them, but
the shortcuts seem to like to keep resetting to MS style.

The sig settings changed format i presume to support additional
features, and i guess backward compatability was ignored.

I've tried opening Evolution, changing the settings, then quitting in
order to get them saved; while they were indeed still set properly, the
next time Evo crashed the settings reverted to MS style.

Hrm, try just using the control centre gtkhtml settings for the editor
key bindings.  But that should just use the same code anyway, so i dont
really know.

Oh, and Evo's been crashing the summary on me the first time I open the
settings dialog; it also sproadically hangs trying to get the summary

Yep, it does.

when I change folders at which point, if I try to quit, it hangs.

What do you mean here?  You click on the executive summary and it hangs,
or you're clicking on other folders and it hangs getting the folder
summary?  Are you using imap etc?

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