Re: [Evolution] mailings to large email lists

On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 11:53, Not Zed wrote:
On Wed, 2002-07-17 at 05:29, Devorah wrote:
Hello.  I want to email to my customer list of about 300.00.

I tried copying all address into the BCC section, but it just froze the 

Then I was tolk (on Monkey chat) that I should make a new  Contact List. 
 I should highlight each address and "drag" it into the list.  This 
caused 2 problems.       1)  The list allows for duplicate entries.   
                                                        2)  The list is 
not alphabetized, so it's impossible to see who is in it other than 
reading through the whole list.

What is the solution?  Is evolution able to handle such large lists?

It froze the whole machine?  Or just evolution?

I suspect that it just hung evolution.  Actually, I don't think it
hung.  A few days ago I tried doing something with the contact list that
you get when you hit the To: button, for example, and I noticed that
Evolution was _really_ slow bringing up the dialog, and it consumed a
lot of CPU during that time.  I was only looking at about 50 addresses. 
I didn't spend much time tracking it down either, so I may be way off


Without knowing what happened or where it happened (e.g. a backtrace of
locked processes), its hard to know whats up.

I dont see any basic reason why it shouldn't work, although the cut and
paste or dnd idea sounds like a real pain.

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