Re: [Evolution] Issues with evolution-devel from evolution-stable

On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 13:57, Eric Lambart wrote:
On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 12:43, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 03:33, proXy wrote:
I switched over to evolution-devel today, but there are a few things
that I have noticed and am finding a little strange.
What I am interested in is whether or not these issues are bugs,
configurable features or now removed.

1) N no longer seems to work as go to Next message

this was removed because it conflicted with a new feature to use
auto-completion for jumping to messages (similar to what Outlook does).

Not sure I like it either, but it's what people wanted.

It's sick and wrong.  Period and comma to move between messages?  Gak!

Not much use complaining here - Jeff and I at least (the mail
developers) fully agree with this assessment.

*shrug* worked for me last I tried. At home here I have no contacts in
my addressbook so I can't really test this now.

Address autocompletion doesn't work for me, either (, 6-25
snap); it sometimes pops down a list, but I have to manually cursor down

Uh, this is how it has *always* worked for me?

to select one.  And nicknames are totally broken; I can no longer type a
message to "kat" and hit tab a few times to start the message; I have to
scroll through a bunch of names and addresses that start with "Kat"
before I find it.

what hapens if you just hit return/tab anyway?  it should just close the
expansion box and use 'kat'.

In other news, I'm really glad to see message notification partly
implemented, though playing sounds (the only type of notification I
tried) doesn't work at all for me.  No noise, no error or debug message
in the shell.

Is it hard-coded to use ESD or something?  

Probably use gnome_play_sound or something, so it depends on having
gnome with sound compiled in, which uses esd by default afaik ...

I at least managed to implement it as a filter, running the shell
command "play file.wav".

Yeah that works too.  if it runs it every message, there's a way around
that as well.

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