Re: [Evolution] Stoopid UI question

not to be an ass, but don't web browsers use "save to disk?" when
downloading? outlook uses "Save As" generic, sure. a thought.

i just wonder how much catering to the lowest common denominator is
positive. as in useful for the project. I would think, for any software
project, you ask "who is my audience?" novice computer users?
average users? what's average? anyway...

this is a silly and simple example, for certain. but i mean...
do day to day users not know what a disk is? as in a storage device?
hard disk? In the IT department here, i think that trouble call would
have resulted in some one cheerfully and politely explaining to the user
that "Save to disk" refered to any disk, not just a floppy disk. you
know... user training? people aren't idiots. it is okay to tell them
"no, it really means this." if it's reasonable.

novice isn't synonymous to moron.

certainly the user is not to be made fun of; that isn't productive. but
using a computer/desktop environment/ mail client, while not brain
surgery, isn't making toast either.

you do have to care enough, to understand enough to use any tool well.


something to consider,

Harrison Bergeron


Kirby Ubben

On Fri, 2002-07-12 at 11:31, Warren Post wrote:
I'd say that's an excellent suggestion. It's just the sort of thing that
would confuse a novice user.


El jue, 11-07-2002 a las 12:44, Tom Cross escribió:

One of our users here received an email with an attachment and had to
call the IS guys to help figure out how to save the attachment.  The
reason?  She saw the "Save to Disk" option and figured that since she
didn't have a floppy disk to save it on, that was NOT the option she
wanted to use.

So now I wonder if anyone else thinks this is a big deal?  Would it help
if the option was changed to "Save attachment"?

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