Re: [Evolution] Stoopid UI question


Elegant response.  This is precisely the sort of "take care of the user"
thinking that has made Evolution an excellent product on the way to
being an outstanding one.  (It's also why I pay for Red Carpet premium
services even though your regular servers are really quite adequate for
my needs.)

Keep up the good work.


On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 17:56, Anna Marie Dirks wrote:
Hi Tom, 

I think this is a nice suggestion! (And given that Evolution's UI
problems are professionaly my problems, I will see to that this gets
recorded in bugzilla, and fixed.)

This kind of feedback is really helpful to me. You shouldn't feel like
it is stupid at all, it helps us to see how real-world people (not
hackers) react to Evolution.

Thanks for your help.

Il gio, 2002-07-11 alle 14:44, Tom Cross ha scritto:
One of our users here received an email with an attachment and had to
call the IS guys to help figure out how to save the attachment.  The
reason?  She saw the "Save to Disk" option and figured that since she
didn't have a floppy disk to save it on, that was NOT the option she
wanted to use.

So now I wonder if anyone else thinks this is a big deal?  Would it help
if the option was changed to "Save attachment"?

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