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On 10-Jul-2002/17:02 +0200, Matthias Hentges <eebe gmx net> wrote:
Hello All!

Is there a way to pipe incoming mail (downloaded by Evolution) through
AntiVirus software? Like mail downloaded by fetchmail can be forwarded
to AV tools which then forwards it to sendmail for delivery?

Having such an integrated solution for Evolution would be really nice.
(since getting mail with fetchmail kinda sucks hehe)

Actually, you can tell fetchmail what program to use for delivery.
Fetchmail will pipe the message into that program and the program is
supposed to deliver it to the user. By default, fetchmail uses SMTP to
deliver to localhost, but you can specify your antivirus software in your
~/.fetchmailrc like this:

defaults protocol APOP fetchall nokeep mda "/usr/local/bin/antivirus"
poll  username MYNAME  password MYPASSWORD

The antivirus software would then have to put the mail in your inbox or
mail spool.

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