Re: [Evolution] Config File Location

On Fri, 2002-07-05 at 22:27, zman wplug org wrote:
Thanks for the help from everyone.  In case anyone was wondering, I did a
little research through the bug reports (what a novel idea!) and found that if
you run oaf-slay in addition to killev, this problem can be solved.  Thanks
again for the push in the right direction!


As Dan Winship said to me back on 4/8 when I mentioned that I ran killev
and oaf-slay:

"Grumble. One of my pet peeves. "oaf-slay" does everything "killev" does
and more. So running "killev; oaf-slay" is *always* redundant. If you're
going to oaf-slay, don't bother to killev too."


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