[Evolution] An example of F_ree/Busy URL

I have been using Evolution for a few years and i am the official danish
translator of evolution. There is hovewer a few things that seem

One of those things is: F_ree/Busy URL

I and others at the translation team are wondering how we can translate
this into danish, and it would help if we knew what this really means. 

It might also help if i could see this working. Can anybody help here or
explain this? Does anybody have some URL to this thing? 

med venlig hilsen, Anna Jonna Armannsdottir       
»Det seneste år har vist os mere end nogensinde, at hvis
menneskerettigheder ofres i kampen for fred og sikkerhed, 
så bliver der ingen fred og ingen sikkerhed«.
        Irene Khan, Amnesty Internationals generalsekretær.

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