Re: [Evolution] An example of F_ree/Busy URL

One of those things is: F_ree/Busy URL

The "_" is just to set the keyboard accelerator of course.

Free/Busy URL is "the URL where an iCalendar file can be found showing
when this person has free time, and when they're busy, so I can schedule
a meeting with them at an appropriate time". If you set a Free/Busy URL
for someone, and then go into the Calendar, create a new appointment, do
Actions -> Schedule Meeting, type in that person's email address as one
of the attendee's, and go to the "Availability" pane, it should show the
times they're free and busy in the little availability graph there.

If you have access to a Danish copy of Outlook, you can do Tools ->
Options, then click "Calendar Options", and the bottom section is
"Free/Busy Options" and you can see what they translate it as. (That's
Outlook 2000. They've probably rearranged things in Outlook XP.)

-- Dan

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