Re: [Evolution] text-mode shell anyone?

Not Zed [notzed ximian com] wrote:
I started writing a text mode mailer, but that wasn't going to use any
corba or bonobo or whatever, and i only spent a day on it anyway.

Using the component system will give you very little benefit in a text
mode environment.  You can't invoke component 'controls' as they stand
currently as they are all X-windows widgets.

You can still query the addressbook and calendar via corba though, which
is useful for a text mode client.

In the evolution source there's a command-line test program for the
calendar client that I modified to dump out the appointments I have
for the next few days.  My only problem is that it still requires X.
The gnome_init() function exits if X isn't running.  Removing that
call causes all sorts of things to break.

Is it possible to use the calendar client code without gnome/X (I'm
not so familiar with the Corba/Bonobo/Gnome programming and how they



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