[Evolution] Signatures?

Hi all.

I'm new to the list, new to Evolution, and new to Linux.

When I was using Windows and Outlook express there was a method of
adding preformatted signatures to an email. I could simply click on an
icon and select which signature I wanted to use. I value this feature
quite highly as I use a number of different signatures depending on
whether I'm signing a professional correspondence, an email to a mailing
list I'm a member of, a mailing list I host, etc. Is there some way to
create a multiple signature file and have it readily available to insert
a signature. 

It would be handy if other blocks of text (things like URLS with brief
descriptions) could be made similarly available.

Is there any way I can conveniently do these things using Evolution as
my e-mail client?

Langsley T Russell

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