Re: [Evolution] Feature Request

If you can't tell what account to send from without looking at the
message source and digging through your notes to remember which
mailing-list you subscribed to that mailing-list from, then how can you
possibly expect Evolution to know?


On Tue, 2002-07-02 at 04:42, Alessio Dessi wrote:
Hi all,
I've multiple email account, and  I'd like that evolution pick up the
right one when I replay to a message, so if i get a message from my pop
server with account Alfa I'd like to see that account in sender field
when I repèlay to that message.

currently when I have to respond to someone on a mailing list I've to
see source of the enail to see wich account I've used to register to
that ML

thanks all for the great job 

evolution i s the best :-)


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