Re: [Evolution] mbox locking scheme ?

On Tue, 2002-07-02 at 12:15, Antonio Bemfica wrote:
I have my mail filtered with procmail and delivered to mbox files located
at the directory $HOME/incoming-mail/ - I know I can have Evolution
pick-up mail from spool files, but am a bit concerned with how it will
interact with the procmail delivery.

How does Evolution lock the spool files? 


Does it use lockfiles (if so, what is the convention?)? 

it can, depends on how you ./configure'd it.

by default, evolution uses dot-locking and fcntl. dot-locking is where
it creates /path/to/file.lock (I assume that's what you were asking?)

Does it use kernel locks (with flock and lockf
under FreeBSD, which is the OS I use)?

it can, depends on how you ./configured it. Well, actually I don't think
we support lockf, just flock. Never even heard of lockf.

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