Re: [Evolution] Error when sending mail to some addresses

Yep, this is a mail server error, not an Evolution error.

I have a guess as to the problem, but requires me making a guess as to
your setup.  Are you either A) running on an internal network with your
Linux box acting as the firewall/SMTP forwarder, and do not have your
private IP's/names listed in the allow config files for forwarding?  Or B)
Using your ISP's mail server to send the Email, and not sending them from
a From: address that belongs in their domain (i.e., your FRom address is
me here com adn you're using for your outgoing mail

See if either of these conditions reflects your configuration - they can
affect a relaying bounce on your mailserver.

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Neil Weisenfeld wrote:
I had this problem, also.  In general, it
doesn't *sound* like an
Evolution bug, but rather an error with the machine you're communicating
to.  Debugging the mail connection, however I noticed something odd: the
actual error was "Relaying denied", no the "mailbox unavailable" that
was reported.  The latter makes it sound like a transient error when the
former makes perfect sense and means that I have to change how I use
remote mail.  The bug seems to be simply that the error reported isn't

Maybe turning on debugging would help?  There's an FAQ question on it,
but e-mail me if you can't find it.


On 25 Jan 2002, Christoffer Olsen wrote:

Date: 25 Jan 2002 20:13:45 +0100
From: Christoffer Olsen <olsty online no>
To: evolution ximian com
Subject: [Evolution] Error when sending mail to some addresses


I use evolution on my Linux Mandrake box, nothing between my box and the
internet. When I am trying to send certain emails, i get the message
"RCPT TO response error: Requested action not taken: mailbox
unavailable: mail not sent". This happends on most regular email
addresses, including this one, sending to myself. It does rarely happend
on email addresses including dashes or alike. I a musing Evolution 1.0.1

Else, it's a great app - could need some work on making things easy to
fix. It is really a great application =)

evolution maillist  -  evolution ximian com

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