Re: [Evolution] no way to archive encrypted sent messages readable?

On Fri, 2002-01-25 at 12:56, Niels Heinemann wrote:
hoi, ian.

Am Fre, 2002-01-25 um 14.16 schrieb Ian Goldberg:
The way I do this is to arrange for my incoming mail to be decrypted
*before* it's stored in the evolution mbox (I use premail for this).
good point. but my question referred to my outgoing mail.

Ah, sorry.  Too early in the morning it was.  :-)  But the point's still
valid.  If you send your outgoing email encrypted to you also, then if
your key is ever compromised in the future, all your past email may be

From a crypto/security point of view, that's what you want, anyway.
Otherwise, what do you do when you cycle your encryption key?  I store
my received emails pgp-decrypted, on an encrypted Linux partition.
well, i'm just interested: whats the difference between an encrypted
mail and an encrypted partition when your key changes?

It's easy to re-encrypt a partition with a new key, even quite often. 
The equivalent operation with PGP would be to take every PGP-encrypted
message you can find encrypted to your old key, decrypt the messages,
re-encrypt them with your new key, delete your old key, and hope you
didn't miss any.

   - Ian

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