[Evolution] SSL based services using DS floppy

Hi. I want to start using some SSL based services thru my Dachstein
floppy (specifically: POP3 over SSL; IMAP over SSL; SMTP over SSL).

That would be port 993, 995, and 465, respectively.

I need to modify EXTERN_TCP_PORTS:

EXTERN_TCP_PORTS="0/0_smtp 0/0_ftp 0/0_ssh 0/0_pop-3 0/0_imap2 0/0_www
0/0_993 0/0_995 0/0_465 0/0_1023"

Also INTERN_SERVERS. (BTW ... my INTERN_SERVERS line is getting kinda
long. Can that be indexed - INTERN_SERVERS0; INTERN_SERVERS1; etc)

Then I'd need to do some IP Chains to forward them. I thought I'd create
and just figure out (and duplicate) the relevent sections in

Or is there an easier way?


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