Re: [Evolution] Re: trying to develop a theme..

      text[NORMAL]      = "#C3C3C9"   #Text color

it works well enough, producing some grey text that's ever so slightly
bluish.  evolution displays it just fine (as do other programs when I
use fg[NORMAL] with the same value).  However, when I use this color,
the "email headers" portion of message goes completely black (or
something very close - it's somewhat hard to tell).

Hm. It's supposed to be based on the base color, not the text color.
Look in the function write_headers() in mail/mail-format.c. If the base
color is "light", it makes the header box slightly darker than base, and
if the base color is "dark", it makes it slightly lighter than base.

Not sure why it's changing based on text[] rather than base[]... Are you
setting the color for each state? (NORMAL, ACTIVE, SELECTED, etc)

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