[Evolution] Re: trying to develop a theme..

ok, I've figured some of this out (like the fact that evolution uses the
text[] things for the themes), but am running into issues that I now
believe are actually problems with evolution (or gtk)

anyway, in my default style, I have the following entry:

        text[NORMAL]      = "#C3C3C9"   #Text color

it works well enough, producing some grey text that's ever so slightly
bluish.  evolution displays it just fine (as do other programs when I
use fg[NORMAL] with the same value).  However, when I use this color,
the "email headers" portion of message goes completely black (or
something very close - it's somewhat hard to tell).  After playing
around a bit, I tried other values, like 0000FF and 00FFFF, both of
which generated a light grey box instead of black.  but the instant that
the red field is set to anything above 0F, that box goes black.  I've
tested with a wide range of values, from 000000, 0F0000 and 100000 (the
last of which results in a black box) to any number of other values for
green and blue..  but it seems to be that only the red settings make a
difference.  None of the other values (bg[], base[], etc) seem to make a
difference here, either.

anyway, just thought I'd point it out in case it really is a bug.


On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 11:47, Chris wrote:
I finaly got sick of non-compliance in the dark-shaded themes I've been
using, and decided to design my own.  However, it seems that evolution
doesn't use the standard widget names (or widgets, for that matter) in
any of its views (I'm a bit new to theme design, so maybe I'm just not
familiar with things)...   does anyone know which widgets evolution uses
for things like:

the folder list tree
the email list
the font color in both of these

I've tried GtkText, GtkList, GtkTree, GtkTreeItem, GtkListItem and
GtkCList, but none of them seem to affect evo's colors.  The fonts are
even stranger, since evo uses black text when I have NO black text
defined anywhere in the theme (really annoying since the theme is so
dark - it needs light text to be readable)

I've also noticed that the text area (the thing I'm typing this message
into right now) doesn't seem to be a GTKText..

these are obviously SOME kind of widget, as they do grab the default
colors (which are inappropriate and WAY too dark for these lists if evo
insists on using black fonts)


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